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Understanding Telematics Devices

You may be asking yourself, what is a telematics device? A telematics device is a system that can be installed in your car that records data about your driving habits, such as number of miles you drive, your speed, and how quickly you brake. Telematics devices are small enough to fit in your palm and […]

Smoke Detector Tips for Your Home

We all know that smoke detectors should be in every home but do you know how many and where they should be placed? Each home is different and the placement of smoke detectors depends on the layout and size of your house and the lifestyle you live. An inexpensive, small piece of hardware could save […]

Fleet Safety Newsletter – March 2017

Avoid Pothole’s and the Damage they Cause It’s a bumpy road out there — have you noticed? Across the nation, streets are riddled with potholes. And many drivers don’t realize just how much damage these irksome mini-craters can cause. AAA recommends the following measures to help protect vehicles from pothole damage: Inspect Tires — Make […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel – March 2017

Safety Sentinel – March 2017 Forklift Safety Refresher Course From the traditional rider-forklifts to specialized order pickers, walk-behinds, and very-narrow-aisle lifts nearly every manufacturing and warehousing operation uses forklifts somewhere in the process to move materials within their facility.  Ensure safe forklift operations at your facility by adhering to the following guidelines spelled out below. […]

Why Senior Living Communities are Going Green

Not only do senior living communities want to go green for the environment and the economic savings, the residents want to go green as well. Going green is becoming the new norm and will become the standard in the future.   Seniors who live in green communities enjoy the environmentally-friendly buildings as they offer airy spaces, […]

The AHCA: What Employers Can Expect

On March 6, 2017, the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee, each released budget reconciliation bills. These pieces of legislation are part of the House Republican’s American Health Care Act (AHCA), the legislation designed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  On March 9, the recommendations cleared […]

Tips to Prepare for a Cyber Security Disaster

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) advised earlier this year that long-term care providers should incorporate cyber security into their emergency preparedness plans. Providers can benefit by adopting an “all-hazards approach” to alleviating cyber attacks. According to CMS, the all-hazards approach will allow providers to “focus on a full spectrum of emergencies or […]

Understanding the Errors and Omissions Exclusion

A construction manager is hired by a project owner to manage the entire project from start to finish. Their scope of work varies greatly from coordinating and supervising subcontractors to administrative services.  A project owner places their trust in the construction manager to achieve the overall goal of producing quality work with little delay at […]

Insuring Classic Vehicles: What’s it Worth?

Unlike vehicles today which depreciate with every mile added, classic cars gain value over the years. Regular car insurance is not sufficient to protect these precious collectibles from damage or loss which is why they require special insurance. As a classic car’s value appreciates, the insurance will need to be adjusted. Classic vehicles 25 years […]

Preventing 5 Common Home Threats

Home sweet home is the place you feel safe; at least that is the way it should be. The unfortunate reality is that most homes are vulnerable to safety and security risks. These risks require homeowners and renters to take additional steps to keep the home safe. Here are five common home threats and tips […]

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